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Diaphragm pump airless sprayer sc3360

Diaphragm pump airless sprayer sc33602020-09-04T09:23:07+00:00

Project Description

Diaphragm pump airless sprayer sc3360

Description & Application:

Light weight with cart
It is portable for carrying and take to the working area. 

Diaphragm Pump
High efficiency airless diaphragm pump for professional painters, 2200w powerful induction motor generates big capacity flow rate, save more working time and materials.

Stable mechanical pressure regulate
Stable painting pressure makes perfect painting finish. 

Could be used for most kinds of paint, varnish, colorant, latex paint, emulsion, primers, water-based and oil-based coatings etc.

Units include:

It is for your own house painting job.

It is for large residential and commercial contractor.


By sea/By DHL/By air


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