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ST-595HL Airless Paint Sprayer with Wheel Rack

ST-595HL Airless Paint Sprayer with Wheel Rack2020-09-25T07:20:56+00:00

Project Description

ST-595HL Airless Paint Sprayer with Wheel Rack


Best Brushless Motor

Brushless DC motors are designed to produce the most power possible for all painting applications and are more forgiving to voltage fluctuation.Brushless design means that you will never need to replace brushes.

High Quality Piston Pump
Imported leather v packings and blue v packings, Chrome rod and hardened stainless steel cylinder, all these brings you endurance piston pump.

Easy out manifold filter
Easy out manifold filter will reduce the tip clogs. 

Electronic Pressure Control system
Latest pressure control system delivers a consistent spray fan at all spraying pressure. 

Units include:

Maximum Fluid Working Pressure

3300 psi/227bar

Maximum Flow                    

3.5 L/Min

Power Source

2200W brushless motor

Maximum tip size

0.029 inch


It is for your own house painting job.

It is for small residential and repainting contractor.


By sea/By DHL/By air


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