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ST-RM4 Airless Line Striper with Hydraulic Pump

ST-RM4 Airless Line Striper with Hydraulic Pump2020-08-24T01:08:22+00:00

Project Description

ST-RM4 Airless Line Striper with Hydraulic Pump

Description & Application:

Maximum Fluid Working Pressure

3300 psi/227bar

Maximum Flow                    

9 L/Min

Power Source

6.5HP HONDA engine

Maximum tip size


ST-RM4 Airless Line Striper with hydraulic pump is the high performance hydraulic striper you’ll want for your most demanding jobs. The proven innovative features has made it the striper of choice for contractors demanding a true workhorse. ST-RM4 Hydraulic Airless Line Striping machine is the perfect unit for large parking lot jobs, road striping, airports, city streets, bike paths, intersections, packing garages and other city jobs that not only require precise line but also demand reflective beads.

Features of the line striper machine:

Features of ST-RM4 Hydraulic Pump Airless Line Striper:

1.Laser Guide – patented design, easier guide for marking straight lines.

2.Multi-Gun Control System – patented control system, easily control operating 2-6 guns.

3.One Hydraulic Pump for One Fluid Pump – stable flow rate, fine spraying finish.

4.Hidden Hose Structure – more compact, better-looking appearance.


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